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I started my life and my Kung Fu career in a small town in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Looking for opportunity I joined the U.S. Air Force, which led to a career in Satellite Communications.  This afforded me the luxury of visiting and living in different states and countries; including 5 years abroad.  During this time, I continued my passion and study of martial arts, holistic health and spiritual practices.  In April of 2018 my wife and I found our “home” and permanently relocated to Scottsdale Arizona.

What is True Kung Fu?

The True Kung Fu is the culmination of over 20 years of research and experience.  It is the idea that in order to develop ourselves to our fullest potential, we need to work on the physical body in a natural and complete way (Martial Arts); we need to understand our bodies and treat our injuries and illnesses in a holistic way (Healing Arts); and we need to connect to our true-selves in order to better understand who we are and why we are here (Spirituality)

Kung Fu is made of the characters (功Kung) Achievement and (夫Fu) Man.  Together they mean skill, or art; but more specifically, it refers to anything that takes a lot of time and effort to achieve.  Although normally used to refer to Chinese martial arts, someone can have Kung Fu in playing an instrument, carpentry, or any other demanding pursuit.  Whether you are looking to improve your health, calm your mind, or develop your spirituality, you need to apply Kung Fu.  You need to learn, practice and develop yourself on a daily basis.  Nothing worthwhile ever comes easily.

Martial Arts – 5 Elements Kung Fu

In Classical Feng Shui there are 5 types of energy; each with characteristics that apply to phases of change and human emotion.  When these energies interact they will either Produce, Destroy, or Weaken their corresponding characteristics.  When you understand this relationship you can apply it to physical and mental (Strategy) to overcome an opponent, an adversary, or an obstacle in life.  This philosophy is the foundation of my system.

I have spent over 20 years training in Northern, Southern and Internal Kung Fu styles under reputed masters.  Understanding the benefits and limits of each style, I took their training methods/theories and combined them with modern exercise science and my personal experience.  Focus is on building a healthy body, a calm mind and practical self-defense skills, while learning a culturally rich art.   

The 5 Elements of Training

Southern Fists – Southern Kung Fu styles are known for their strong stances and powerful hand techniques.  Develops: A strong and tempered body, and a fierce spirit.

Northern Legs – Northern Kung Fu styles are known for their kicking and long range techniques.  Develops: Dynamic flexibility, agility and long power.

Neijia– (Internal Family) Internal Kung Fu focuses on combining relaxed movement with breath.  Develops: Relaxed power, structure and balance.

Qigong – Energy cultivation based on Mind, breath and Qi.  Develops: A calm mind, Internal strength and health.

Martial Ethics – Wude/MoDuk is the Code for Traditional Martial Artists.  Develops: Martial Spirit, Courage, Honor, Loyalty.


Healing Arts

After experiencing the benefits of alternative and holistic therapies, I made it a personal goal to advance my knowledge.  Besides making my own bruise medicine, I’ve studied herbal remedies and foods that support health and healing.  I am a certified Personal Trainer, ITEC certified in Anatomy and Physiology, trained in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Dorn and Bowen Therapy.  I studied Ashtanga, Hatha and Pranayama Yoga and use the theories and exercises to treat imbalances.  My approach to wellness has the client as an active participant, so that you can gain control over your health and life.   


I began Qigong (energy cultivation) training when I started Kung Fu.  In time I sought out other practices such as Reiki, Pranayama Yoga and the use of Mantras.  This training led me to a more spiritual path, that has had a profound effect on my life.  These methods can be learned by anyone with dedication and an open mind.  Through them you can clear the mind and deal with the obstacles of life in a more accepting and productive manner.

I hope to offer a way of life that can be practiced by all people to improve health and overall well-being.

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Sifu Edward Tomaine