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Challenge your Style
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Dissent is not disloyalty.  Too often, elders confuse dissent with disloyalty and punish people for the crime of having a different view they are no longer in touch with Tao, but instead mouth self-serving convention.  – 365 Tao, Deng Ming Dao.

In my years of training, I’ve seen more than a few people who are blindly faithful to their system and teacher.  They never step outside their school/teacher for answers.  This is why so many fraudulent teachers flourish.  They don’t need to answer questions, or prove techniques because the student blindy follows their teaching.  They don’t know what other arts have to offer because they are “loyal” to their style. They never stop to think that the old masters were constantly testing themsleves.  Not by training alone, or with a few students, but by meeting with other masters and exchanging with them. Otherwise martial arts would be stagnant. How do you know what you do is good, if you have nothing to compare it to? I’ve trained with people who have been doing Kung Fu for years and couldn’t even name 4 other styles, let alone have an understanding of them.  This is not the way to train. If you truly want to understand your art and develop it, you need to be open to other systems. If you want to truly value your teacher, you need to know that what he is teaching is sound.


By constantly questioning what you do, you will always be developing your system.  Doubt will cause you to dig deeper and your understating will benefit from this and bring you to the next level of training. Or you can stay in ignorance, hope that what you’re learning is of value and be content with mediocrity.

E. Tomaine


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