• Free Courses

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    ***** COMING SOON *****

    Free Courses

    Kung Fu Foundation Training

    Stepping Form

    Punching Form

    Basic 8 pieces of Brocade

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  • VIP Bonus Material

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    ***** COMING SOON ***** Northern Shaolin forms from Chang Chuan and Mizong Chuan Hung Ga Village style Kung Fu – Forms and applications Health Tips – Diet, exercise, natural remedies  

  • Qigong and Meditation

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    ***** COMING SOON *****


    8 Pieces of Brocade

    Small Circulation (Microcosmic Orbit)

    Grand Circulation (Macrocosmic Orbit)

    Sitting Buddhist meditation

  • Tai Chi Chuan

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    The Tai Chi Chuan Course consists of the following lessons:

    Foundation Training

    Yang style 24 Simplified Form

    Yang style 32 Straight Sword

    Push Hands

  • Jow Ga Kung Fu

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    The Jow Ga Kung Fu course consists of three Stages with each stage having combined three to five lessons and classes.