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Forms Training -Sense of enemy

Forms Training -Sense of enemy
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Practicing a form 10 times without focus is not as good as one time with intent. What separates a martial arts form from a dance, is intent, or sense of enemy.  Besides proper technique, to practice the form with proper sense of enemy you must first have done the form enough times that you no longer need to consciously think about what comes next. You also need to understand what each technique is for and have a mental picture when executing. Lastly, and to me most important, is you must execute every technique as if you were in combat. This means that a block should be powerful enough to block, a strike should be powerful enough to injure. Someone watching should think, ‘ I don’t want to get hit with that’ Not ‘that looks pretty’.

Forms are not just physical but psychological. Put yourself in a fight… Not a dance off.


E. Tomaine


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