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    1. Respect – The forum is a place for people to get together to express their opinions and share their experiences. People will be from all different backgrounds. Disagreements are bound to happen and this is fine. In fact, I believe this is essential for growth. However it must be done in a respectful manner. Refrain from name calling, obscenities, or verbal attacks, whether on other members, or another school. Respect one another and respect the forum and all of it’s Rules.

    2.  Stay on Topic – Keep your questions in regard to the forum. e.g. a Tai Chi Chuan question should be in the Tai Chi Chuan forum. Also, make sure what your posting is pertinent to the subject. If you’re not sure where your post belongs, put it in the General Forum.

    3.  No Selling – The Forums are a place for people to learn and share. Please do not try to sell items, or services, that you or someone else offers. An exception to this would be someone asking where to buy a specific training product, such as shoes and someone else providing a link.

    4. The number four is unlucky in Chinese culture.

    5. Have fun. Think of this as your school and the other members as your classmates.

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