Mindfulness and Exercise

I was heading to the lockers in the club this morning and passed by quite a few ads of offered classes. I read names like box fit, ab killer, booty shake etc. and couldn’t help but think of late night infomercials. As I walked through the club I saw TVs on treadmills and mounted on […]

Fake Fu

Many authentic martial arts teachers become upset when they see charlatans who are successful. They view them as a disgrace.  As someone who didn’t put in the time to learn and is now taking advantage of people by teaching them something of little value to their health and self-defense. It’s actually worse because these students […]

Self defense is not Fighting

With the coming of the UFC and MMA’s domination in the sport, many people now look at traditional arts as useless, especially when it comes to fighting.  The common statement is “if Kung Fu is good then why isn’t in the UFC”?  And if you took UFC as an example of fighting value you would […]

How to choose a style/school

Picking a martial art, as well as a school is an important decision. Spending too long in the wrong school can leave you feeling jaded and put an end to your martial arts career. But with so many to choose from, how do you decide? The first step is to figure out what interests you. Do […]

Traditional vs. Modern

There have been many discussions on traditional vs. modern on the subject of martial arts. Many traditionalists say that the old ways are best and that modern training can’t cope with non-sport combat. They see modern martial arts as lacking the spirit and respect of ancient arts. Many modern martial artists say the traditional arts […]


Clips of free sparring working on takedowns and takedown defense. The practice is for street defense and not completion. Students work on getting up from the ground as quickly as possible when defending and attacking.

Kung Fu forms for Fighting

Forms are a very useful tool for the traditional martial artist. Unfortunately many teachers no longer understand how to show people to transform their forms into realistic self-defense methods. Here are 5 steps to take your forms to fighting, no matter what style you do. More videos to come, showing just how to do this. […]

Form to fighting concepts

Going over how to take form to fighting. Working on a technique from Faa Kyun / Flower Fist in the Jow Ga Kung Fu system. Techniques need to be practiced slowly at first, but you have to work up to full speed for it to be useful. Your attacker also has to be realistic and […]