Forms Training -Sense of enemy

Practicing a form 10 times without focus is not as good as one time with intent. What separates a martial arts form from a dance, is intent, or sense of enemy.  Besides proper technique, to practice the form with proper sense of enemy you must first have done the form enough times that you no […]

Martial Artist Blues

Making a living as an artist is usually a long and difficult path and the martial arts are no exception. In my opinion it’s one of the most difficult “artistic” ways to make a living. This is why: When a talented painter, writer, musician etc. creates a work he puts it out for people to […]

What is technique without training?

Too often students new and old, are looking for the next form, or that secret technique that will propel their Kung Fu to the next level. Focusing on the more advanced and esoteric portions of their art in hopes that they could bypass all the simple stuff and move right on to martial greatness. The […]

Mindfulness and Exercise

I was heading to the lockers in the club this morning and passed by quite a few ads of offered classes. I read names like box fit, ab killer, booty shake etc. and couldn’t help but think of late night infomercials. As I walked through the club I saw TVs on treadmills and mounted on […]

Tai Chi Chuan for Health?

Tai Chi Chuan has gained a lot of popularity in the past decade or two, due to its supposed health benefits.  Instructors talk of low impact exercise, improved strength, agility and overall health; and many people do get some benefit from their practice….even though they’re doing it wrong.  The thing is, if you are going […]